The firm Adonis invite foreign companies to cooperate for organizing joint business in Ulyanovsk region of Russia

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The business proposal to foreign partners

«Adonis» is a new Russian successfully developed firm. We invite foreign companies to cooperate for organizing joint business in Russia.

In 1993 we began our business with the wholesale delivery of household electric appliances from Belarus.

In 1995 we bought the equipment and started jalousie production. For the last eight years «Adonis» has become the leading manufacturer and supplier for this article on the market of Ulyanovsk area.

In 1998 we launched a new product. We have brought out high-quality latex paints in varying colors. Our paints meet the strict requirements and successfully compete with expensive imported paints. Our latex paints are unequalled for their price and reliability.

In 2002 we moved into our new premises. These are large, practical and better-located, and let us to improve the quality of our products even further. Our production base consists of two-storied building (more than 560 square meters) for manufacture, the Нead Office and the concrete ground (0,2 hectare) surrounded by concrete barrier.

In our opinion, the future of Russian business belongs exactly to production. That’s why we consider all possible variants of launching the new perspective productions on our base in Ulyanovsk. We are interested in all economically sound offers from potential business partners, including the foreign companies. Today our company specializes on the manufacture of jalousie and latex paints.

A new business does not necessarily ought to be the same as present one. Possibly, it will be absolutely new activity: manufacture, commerce, trade delegation, representative office, regional centre.Jury Kirillov

Contact us by phone or a letter if your business has long-term interests on Russian market: in Ulyanovsk area and in the Volga region. Further details can be obtained on request. If you require more information we will be pleasured to supply it. We would be glad to discuss the possibility of organizing new joint business in our region.

We have done business in Ulyanovsk for a long time. We perfectly well know state of the local market and the local conditions. You will find in our company the reliable business companion in the event of mutual interest.

With the best wishes, Jury Kirillov.

Russia, 432980, Ulyanovsk, Glavpochtamt, P.o. 7. ZAO «Adonis». Kirillov Yu.N
(Россия, 432980, г. Ульяновск, Главпочтамт, а/я 7. ЗАО «Адонис». Кириллову Ю.Н.)
Tel: +7 (8422) 52-05-05

P.S. Unfortunately, our employees know English not very well. Therefore, as far as possible write us your proposals in Russian, please ;-)